Amazon Appstore hitting Android imminently?

Ad network claims latest app store coming this month

Snag apps for your Android phone before you get it.

Amazon’s much-hyped Appstore for Android looks set to be launching this month, if a tweet by ad network Millennial Media is to be believed.

Its missive on the social network reads, "Launching this month! Amazon Appstore for #Android-learn more here.” The ad types touted a link to an official blog, which talks up the power of Amazon’s new Appstore effort for developers, but offers nothing in the way of major new info.

The Amazon Appstore has long been in development and will apparently let you load up a phone you’ve bought from the online emporium with apps, before having it delivered to your door. Google has been happy to allow other app stores proliferate on its platform. The forthcoming PlayStation Suite is just one example.

There’s no word from Amazon yet on whether this launch date is official, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for news as we get it.

Via Gizmodo