Amazon app store to allow pre-loading on Android devices

Order through Amazon and get your apps pre-loaded

Market faces still competition from Amazon.

Amazon's forthcoming Android app store will enable users to pre-load the apps they'd like on their device before it arrives on their doorstep - providing they buy the gadget itself from Amazon.

Because app purchases will to joined to an Amazon account rather than a Google account, soon-to-be Android device owners can buy the apps, which will automatically appear on the device once everything is set-up.

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The service mimics the way Amazon Kindle owners are able to download content to their new ebook readers.

The new functionality, something that isn't yet offered by Google's Android Market Webstore, might give Amazon the edge with impatient buyers keen to get going even before their device arrives.

We're still awaiting news on when Amazon's rival app store will finally arrive, but it should make for an interesting ride, with Amazon sure to offer some competitive prices and an interface that new Android owners will already be familiar with.

Link: AllThingsD