Amazon Android tablet primed for October

Camera-free slate out in time for Christmas rush?

Much-rumoured tablet looks like it's almost good-to-go.

Amazon’s much vaunted Android tablet is set to be unleashed in October. That’s according to “people familiar with the matter,” who have spoken with the Wall Street Journal about the online retail giant’s plans.

As per previous rumours, these insiders say the Amazon slate will tout a 9-inch screen and pack in Android Honeycomb, but won’t have a camera. Amazon is said to be working out how to sell it successfully alongside the Kindle, itself set for a refresh later this year.

Interestingly, these sources also say that while an Asian gadget maker has designed and built the Amazon tablet for Jeff Bezos’ company, 2012 will see a new version created by Amazon itself.

Analysts reckon Amazon will try and sell its tab at a lower price than the iPad, even if that means making a loss to start with. It’ll need to sell millions in its first few months in order to stand any chance of catching Apple’s all conquering tablet.