Amazon Android Store incoming?

Retail giant working on Android Market rival says report

Rumours suggest Amazon looking to lock horns with Google on its own devices.

As bizarre moves go, this is certainly right up there. Sources speaking to TechCrunch claim that Amazon is working on its very own App Store for Android, going right up against Google’s Android Market.

Word is that devs will need to stump up $99 to get involved, with Amazon looking to operate a tight ship, a la Apple. The purported terms and conditions state that, “We [Amazon] have sole discretion to determine all features and operations of this program and to set the retail price and other terms on which we sell Apps.”

On top of that, those who create add-ons via this Amazon App Store will be looking at getting a 70 per cent cut of proceedings, although a strange clause suggests this could fall to 20 per cent in order to ensure that the same app doesn’t get sold on the cheap on other app stores, presumably including Android Market.

Apps will apparently be advertised on Amazon too. The Amazon App Store is being pegged for a US only release, but this will doubtless create plenty of tension down at Mountain View wherever its released.

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Via TechCrunch