Amazon Android Appstore to launch in UK

Internet retailer to launch its own AppStore, which will compete with Google's Play Store

Amazon Android Appstore will launch in Europe - including in the UK - going head-to-head with Google's Play Store, the company has announced

Amazon is gearing up to launch an Android Appstore in Europe, including the UK, with the online retailer hoping the facility will encourage app developers to create new and more exciting applications.

It will compete directly with Google’s Play Store, which comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android devices, including both smartphones and tablets.

The apps will be made available in several European languages and currencies to widen the store’s outreach.

Amazon Appstore chief Jim Adkins in a statement: "We're excited to open the door to app sales outside the US.

"We see tremendous potential for developers to grow with the international expansion. We also encourage new developers to join."

This, experts believe, will make the market a challenging one for Amazon to crack.

"The Amazon Appstore struggled to take off after its big launch in the US early last year," Jack Kent, senior mobile analyst at IHS Screen Digest, said.

"It wasn't pre-installed on any devices and most consumers were already well-served with the Play Store and operator stores from companies like Vodafone."

Source: Telegraph