Altek Leo 14-Megapixel cam phone: release date early 2011

Android handset from digital camera kings

Android, an optical zoom and 720p HD video. Could be a winner...

Think you’ve seen all camera phones have got to offer? Think again: Meet the Altek Leo, a 14-Megapixel camera phone that has been set for release in Europe in 2011.

Check out the Altec Leo pictures here

Taiwanse company Altek usually spends its time manufacturing cameras, meaning it’s perfectly poised to turn its skills to top-end cam phones. The phone’s 14-Meg camera features a CCD sensor, Xenon and LED flashes and actually has an optical zoom – still a relatively new trick to phones. It’s looking likely for launch in early 2011.

The Leo also supports 720p HD video shooting as well as smile and blink detection.

As for the phone side things, the Leo sports a 3.2-inch WVGA touch-screen display and 3.5G connectivity. Team this with its Android 2.1 underbelly and we could have a decent new competitor to take on the smartphone army.

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