Alt-Minds Transmedia interactive paranormal thriller announced

Uses smartphone apps, social networks, web TV and allows you to get started

Alt-Minds is a new interactive story, coming later this year, which will involve games on social media, web TV and smartphone apps and bringing "unprecedenced immersion"

Orange has teamed up with Transmedia company Lexus Numerique to announced a new 'episodic paranormal' thriller which will play out through social media, smartphone apps and web TV.

The Alt Media series, which will arrive in the autumn, will attempt to cross the boundaries between gaming, social networking and traditional interactive fiction allowing players to conduct investigations in real-time, seeking to solve a series of kidnappings across Europe.

Players will be encouraged to work together to answer the puzzles through casual games on their smartphones, computers and tablets, providing "an unprecedented degree of immersion" according to the press release.

Eric Viennot, co-founder and Artistic Director of Lexis Numérique, explains: "We are working with Orange to explore a new type of fiction, one which I hope will become part of the history of transmedia, a format which we started with In Memoriam back in 2003. These online experiences break down the walls between fiction and reality by offering spectators/players an unprecedented level of immersion in the story."

Sound exciting? Can get a look at the teaser trailer below.