Also at CES 2011: Highest res eReader and watch phone

Plus: iPad accessories galore and 3D helmet cams

Image 1 of 5 GoPro 3D Hero
GoPro 3D Hero
Image 2 of 5 iRiver Story HD
iRiver Story HD
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CES 2011
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Griffin StompBox
Image 5 of 5 Casio Bluetooth Watch Prototype
Casio Bluetooth Watch Prototype

The best of the rest from the opening day of CES 2011

Tablets and 3D trinkets aside, CES 2011 is shaping up to be a classic opening to yet another year filled with tech breakthroughs, ground breaking ideas and some light-hearted optional extras. Having had a quick look-see around the halls on the opening day of the Consumer Electronics Show, here are some of the less publicised products taking our fancy...

iPad accessories galore as the must have gadget of 2010 continues its power trip adding a fest of new add-ons. Leading the iPad accessories charge, peripherals master Griffin has come out all guns blazing with the launch of multiple Apple tablet bound devices including the StompBox, an iPad connectable pedalboard that works with a range of apps to offer guitarists an effects pedal setup to run through their market leading tablets. Less tech savvy but equally stylish of the Griffin iPad offerings is the Arrowhead stand, a sleek, ultra-portable dual footed rest.

Watch specialist Casio has appeared on the floors of CES 2011 touting a range of new devices that include a prototype watch that features new Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology, Why you may ask, well, so users can sync their wristwatch with their smartphones for wireless push notifications of incoming emails and a variety of other handy bits of information.

Groundbreaking tech releases are what CES is all about and living up to the challenge this year is iRiver which has unveiled the world’s highest resolution 6-inch eReader in the form of the iRiver Story HD. Offering up an impressive 768 x 1024p resolution display the Story HD also reportedly touts “faster page turns than the competition”, an important feature when you just can’t wait that extra fraction to reveal the cliff-hanger suspense.

3D Helmet cams arrive as helmet camera guru GoPro unveils the 3D Hero expansion, a dual-camera rig harness that offers budding extreme sports stars the opportunity to capture their daring escapades in that oh-so-glorious extra dimension.