Touchscreen BlackBerrys a mistake say T3 readers

Poll results: Readers don't agree with RIM's new all-touchscreen direction

In a interview last week a RIM spokesperson leaked that the first BBX smartphones would be all-touchscreen, we asked you what you thought about this new direction

In a poll carried out last week T3 readers have revealed that they think RIM should not get rid of the phyisical keyboard, rejecting the leaked plans by RIM to produce all-touchscreen handsets as their first BBX devices.

We asked you very simply 'Should BlackBerry lose the physical keyboard' and the results we got were very clear indeed with a huge 76 per cent of you saying that BlackBerry should not get rid of the physical keyboard. Just 23 per cent wanted to see RIM take away the physical keyboard while 3 per cent wanted to see RIM make use of both technologies as seen in the BlackBerry Torch 9810.

The pro-keyboard feeling continued onto Facebook where many of you echoed the voting that went on in the poll stating that if BlackBerry were to lose the physical they would lose their unique selling point.

It comes after a RIM spokesperson confirmed that the new BBX devices that would be arriving early next year would be sharing the same screen resolutions as the BlackBerry PlayBook which also meant they would be all-touchscreen devices, prompting T3 to ask the question, should RIM move away from the physical keyboard.

Check out the poll below and have your say via the comments box below or on our Facebook page...

Agree with the rest of the T3 readers? Take a look at our video with a Bold Touch for a closer look at RIM's touch offering.

Should BlackBerry lose the physical keyboard?