Aliens: Colonial Marines was outsourced to third-party developer

Sources confirm that game was low on priority list for Gearbox

Aliens: Colonial Marines may not have got the best reception when it was released and now it turns out there may have been a reason with reports of delays and confusion

Aliens: Colonial Marines was apparently outsourced to developers TimeGate to make the game after Gearbox spent years working on other titles first.

According to Kotaku, sources close to the matter have revealed that even though Sega gave the game to Gearbox, the studio then spent much of the first few years working on Borderlands, Duke Nukem and Borderlands 2.

Because of the runaway success of Borderlands it is alleged that Gearbox outsourced much of Aliens to TimeGate allowing them to focus more on preparing their sequel to the manic first person shooter.

Kotaku goes on to report that according to a source inside TimeGate, when the assets were sent over from Gearbox they found that actually very little progress had been made on making the game.

The source called them "basically a hodgepodge" of elements ripped from the original Borderlands and that "A lot of assets just didn't seem like they fit there,"

This will come as saddening news to many after Sega completely denied that it had outsourced the single-player campaign to another studio besides Gearbox, instead suggesting that TimeGate had simply assisted with the production of the game.

The first signs of trouble became apparent after the games release when games journalists started comparing the E3 demo of the game to the finished version noticing serious drops in graphical quality on the released version.

Source: Kotaku