AKG launch two new noise-cancelling headphones

K490 NC and K495 NC out now

These premium noise-cancelling cans boast premium design and USB-charging abilities which means no more batteries taking up hand-luggage space

AKG have just announced two new premium noise-cancelling headphones the K490 NC and K495 NC both of which offer USB-charging over batteries which both cuts down on bulk but also makes them much more efficient.

While both come with a premium carry-case and a 1.40m cable these beauties will offer up 40 hours of battery life on just one charge via USB and while the K495 NC gives you a more metal-heavy design both offer up premium sound-quality.

Of course while the selling-point won't just be their design and battery life it's also down to the sound quality with both offering 50mW of maximum power output and a frequency output of 20Hz - 20kHz.

Out now these headphones are not by any means cheap, but then again blissful silence comes at a price with the K490 NC setting you back £229.99 and the K495 NC setting you back £299.99.

Is this a case of design over ability or are these the best of all worlds? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...