AKG K3003 earphones unveiled at IFA 2011

AKG's 'most luxurious' earphones yet

Earphones today have almost no price-ceiling, whether it's from a cheap pair from Tesco's or the Dr Dre Beats collection, at the top end of the spectrum however are these; the AKG K3003

AKG have unveiled what they're calling their 'most luxurious earphones yet' in the form of the super-exclusive K3003 earphones. Revealed at IFA 2011 the buds are to be handmade and are considered the pinnacle of their earphone technology.

Considered the smallest three-way earphones available, each of the two buds contains three seperate drivers which then allows the sound to be perfectly balanced, creating an audio experience that AKG compares to being at a live concert. The earphones also come with a personalised tuning system which allows you to adjust both low and high frequencies depending on the piece of music.

The main housing is machined out of a single piece of aluminium while the internal parts are all installed by hand, each pair is then individually numbered and comes with a handcrafted leather case, Now for the price, well AKG puts forward a suggested retail price of £1,000. Yes, that's £1,000. So while they're not cheap, you're certainly getting the best that AKG has to offer.

AKG K3003: Teaser trailer

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