AirPrint for Mac and PC hits the skids?

Apple's wireless printing skills suffer major setback

"Indefinite" delay for AirPrint support on Mac and PC.

Steve Jobs practically wet himself when he touted Apple’s admittedly slick AirPrint function back at the unveiling of iOS 4.2 in September. But now it seems support for the breezy tech will not stretch to shared printers on a Mac and PC.

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So what? Well, that means the hyped-up feature will most likely only work directly with five HP printers which can play nice with AirPrint. That means it falls well short of the revolutionary status Apple had been gearing up it up for, where you could print to any machine via your Mac or PC.

AppleInsider has confirmed that the final version of iOS 4.2, due out this Friday, contains no reference to AirPrint working with either Mac or PC. Release notes state, “iOS 4.2 devices can print wirelessly only to printers that support AirPrint and are running the latest available firmware." Previously, Apple had made a point of stating its support for Mac and PC, with Phil Schiller even talking up its prospects.

What’s more, one Apple dev has taken to Cupertino’s official discussion boards to claim Apple Tech support told him, “Support for AirPrint for Windows and Mac has been cancelled.” If this really is the case, it puts paid to one of the headline features of iOS 4.2 and truly limits its ability to become a go to feature for millions of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. Who really wants to buy a new HP printer just to use it?

We’ll know more once iOS 4.2 busts out later this week. In the meantime, tell us what you think of the AirPrint debacle on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via AppleInsider