Airbus reveals future flying concept

Holographic gaming and see-through cabin : how we'll be flying in 2050

A quick 18 holes at 3,000 feet? Go on then.

This is the plane of the future, according to Airbus.

The concept cabin features an ‘intelligent’ membrane that can be made see-through for unrivalled panoramic views as you fly. (Though maybe not so great to for those scared of heights.) The walls change colour according to lighting conditions, and it features holographic pop-up gaming displays to keep yourself occupied while you fly. And the traditional inflight entertainment system? It’s powered by the passenger’s body heat.

It’s how we’ll be flying in 2050, according to Airbus, and was unveiled yesterday at a press conference in London.

Other features include the ability to read bedtime stories to the kids back home over Wi-Fi, and you can play a round of virtual golf or take part in interactive conferences. The structure of the concept cabin mimics the efficiency of bird bone.

First, economy and business classes will be replaced by zones for relaxation, work and socialising, the latter coming equipped with a fully stocked bar. The only way to fly.

Via Daily Mail