Airborne Wind Turbine Prototype gets trial run

Helium filled airborne turbine hoping to fill role of land based turbines

Altaeros have given their Airborne Wind Turbine Prototype its first trial run as part of their quest to find cheap and plentiful renewable energy

Altaeros have successfully tested their Airborne Wind Turbine Prototype, a helium filled turbine which can be raised to high altitudes where the wind is stronger.

Cheaper than the conventional offshore wind turbines the Airborne Wind Turbine Prototype is designed to be as portable as possible with the entire unit being attached to a towing unit which can be easily moved.

Primarily focused for military and specialist use the turbine sends the electricity down to the ground where it can power anything that would normally require a generator.

Designed to survive hurricane-level winds and packed with safety features Altaeros believe that its current form is just the start, with potential for much larger expansion.