Adobe to launch publishing tools for iPad/tablets

New tablet focused app to join Creative Suite

Tablet magazines get new breath of life from Adobe

Adobe is working on a specific set of tablet based publishing tools that will fall under the umbrella of it's 'Creative Suite' programs.

Combining elements of InDesign with multimedia focused features, the new programs will be able to make tablet magazines truly interactive, incorporating videos, 360-degree image rotation and allowing full multi-touch access to the magazine.


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Essentially what this means is that you'll be able to download a tablet version of a print magazine, but then be able to tap on the images and they'll start playing as a video, or take an image and rotate it in 360-degrees. These features look fantastic and could prove to be hugely successful for magazines who want to get their publications on to the newly booming tablet industry.

Wired magazine recently started publishing a iPad version of it's magazine using a combination of CS5 and other tools, check out the video below to get a taster of what we can be looking forward to from other magazines if they chose to jump on board.

Link: Mashable