Adobe Flash: new critical flaw found

Latest bug backs up Apple concerns over Flash Player

Dodgy Word docs targeting Windows, but Android devices also susceptible.

Adobe has revealed another “critical vulnerability” in the latest version of its Flash Player, with Mac, Windows, Android and Linux users all targeted. The attack is mainly targeted at Windows users though, and is found in moody Word docs sent as email attachments.

Adobe says the flaw can cause PCs to crash, with attackers potentially able to take control of affected machines. This comes just a month after Flash was breached in a similar attack, then using Excel rather than Word files.

Worryingly, Adobe only says that it’s, “…in the process,” of issuing an update to Flash, so there’s no news on just when an update to sort this new problem will be available. This will doubtless have Steve Jobs saying, “…told you so.”

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Via Engadget and Adobe