Adobe cites Apple as one reason for killing Flash

Lack of Flash Player on Apple products meant Flash was 'not on track'

Speaking in a uncommonly candid blog post Adobe's Developer Relations Chief Mike Chambers has spoken out about the death of Flash on smartphones

Mike Chambers, Developer Relations Chief at Adobe has admitted that the lack of Flash support from Apple meant that Adobe Flash Player was 'not on track' to reach the same numbers of users as found on desktop computers. Writing in a blog post about the subject the Adobe chief also mentioned the difficulties that this then entailed.

"This effectively meant that if you wanted to use Flash to deliver a rich web experience in the browser on mobile devices you would have to provide both a Flash based, as well as HTML5 based solution."

"Given the strong support for HTML5 across modern mobile devices, it simply made more sense to create an HTML5 based solution."

He goes on to talk about the plain truth that Flash Player would never have appeared on iOS devices, even if relations had improved between the two companies about the use of Flash as well as HTML 5.

This revelation comes after Adobe revealed that they would be scraping Flash for mobile-devices, instead working on improving their work within HTML 5 and helping app developers more. The decision has been thought of as inevitable by many after Apple decided to take the standpoint that they would never be supporting Flash.

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Source: Mike Chambers