Addison Lee adopts Windows Phone with new booking app

High-end taxi firm jumps on the WP7 bandwagon with a new booking application

High-end taxi firm Addison Lee has made the jump to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform with the launch of a new booking application

The rise in popularity of the latest Windows Phone 7 handsets has seen a number of major companies jump aboard its app marketplace with private hire taxi firm Addison Lee the latest to adopt the fledgling operating system.

Following on from its successful iOS and Android offerings high-end taxi service Addison Lee has taken the Windows Phone platform to its core creating a stunningly bespoke app that utilises the operating system’s panoramic design to allow for easy bookings and journey tracking.

Addison Lee Windows Phone App Features

With a variety of booking options allowing users to better tailor orders to their needs the WP7 Addison Lee app lets those looking for a ride through the nation’s capital and the surrounding area to select a car based on the number of passengers looking to take the journey.

Offering further booking options for both Addison Lee account holders and standard occasional users, those ordering trips can select to have a car sent to their current destination immediately or pre-book cars for future trips with estimated journey times calculated based on the supplied pickup and destination details.

Further bolstering the Addison Lee Windows Phone app’s user friendliness those who have booked a taxi can pin the booking to their homescreen with a Bing Map live tile accurately depicting the progress of the assigned driver as they head to the pickup location and then on to the user’s final destination.

Set to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace over the weekend the Addison Lee booking app is to be free to download with quotes given in-app prior to the booking of each journey.

Does the recent spate of high profile Windows Phone 7 applications tempt you into moving across to the Microsoft crafted OS? Let us know via the comments box below.