Activision accused of blacklisting blogs over Black Ops 2 reports

Gaming news outlets reportedly blacklisted for recent Black Ops 2 leak reports

Ahead of the unveiling of this year's COD offering, publisher Activision has been accused of blacklisting journalists over reports of a Black Ops 2 release

Gaming publisher Activision has denied reports it has blacklisted a number of journalists who reported on rumours that this year's instalment to the COD franchise would land entitled Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Having leaked online via the French arm of web retailer Amazon, as well as appearing on a developer's LinkedIn CV, Activision has been accused of having threatened a number of journalists and tech websites if they refused to remove stories regarding the naming of the next COD offering.

"They tried... to explain they needed us to pull the article, I refused," said Grégory Szriftgiser, editor of "They insisted again that it would seriously damage the professional relationship we had, that we weren't fully aware of the consequences this could have, and that they had already contacted their advertising agency.

"I asked if we should consider ourselves blacklisted, and more precisely if my journalist was still to attend a preview event that was planned next week and to which we were already invited. Activision said no. They also made clear that the relationship was to be severed, all advertisement plans cancelled, games not sent, and invitations to later events cancelled as well."

With a number of claims suggesting a selection of gaming blogs bowed to Activision's reported commands and removed such articles, the developing powerhouse has denied any reports on attempting to control the press.

"Activision doesn't blacklist journalists," the company said in an official statement. "We believe this was a misunderstanding and are working towards a resolution."

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Via: CVG