Acer: iPad will not kill netbooks

Boss says new chip and low prices will keep netbook going

Claims fly in face of recent reports that iPad is battering traditional netbooks.

The iPad will not kill off netbooks and sales will continue to flourish throughout 2011 thanks to low prices and the availability of Intel’s new speedy Atom N550. That’s according to Scott Lin, Acer Taiwan’s president, who was speaking at a press event out in the Far East.

Lin claimed that concerns about Apple’s iPad were overplayed and suggested 40 million netbooks would be sold next year, 20 per cent of laptops in total. The advent of the new Intel processor, which doesn’t boost costs but does boost performance, would also help.

However, Lin’s comments come as Best Buy has said that in the US netbook sales have fallen by half since the iPad’s arrival, with analysts also suggesting a decline in the netbook since the iPad went on sale Stateside in April.

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Via Electronista