Acer Iconia Smart phone spotted at IFA 2011

New jumbo mobile coming to challenge Galaxy Note

Acer Iconia Smart jumbo smartphone incoming, but has it missed the boat?

When we first saw the Acer Iconia Smart back at MWC in February, we marvelled at its then-gargantuan size. Put it next to the IFA-announced Samsung Note, however, and it's positively dainty, its 4.8-inch display almost conservative in the face of the 5.3-inch Note.

Of course, next to any other phone on the market the Iconia is a titan, although in terms of specs we fear the smartphone market has moved on since February. With a 1GHz processor, the Iconia Smart has already been out-spec'd by current-gen smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. It's similarly lacking in RAM, with just 512MB to its name (the S2 and Sensation, meanwhile, push ahead with 1GB and 768MB, respectively).

The screen is a respectable 1024x480 pixels, though, so if screen size trumps performance for you in your list of mobile priorities, the Iconia might be the choice for you. The OS is up to date, running as it does Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread, and it's also a pleasingly hefty beast, with solid, chunky looks and a weight of 185g making the Iconia Smart a good counterpoint to the smartphone market's current size-zero obsession.

The Acer Iconia Smart should arrive sometime around the end of September, priced at 499 Euros (around £440).