Acer media sharing unveiled

New service lets you share content over network

Share snaps, music and movies with any enabled gadget.

Acer’s seemingly endless stream of announcements was brought to a head yesterday with the unveiling of its new media sharing software, which it says will let you chow down on whatever content you like across myriad gadgets.

The idea is simple. enabled gadgets will detect each other over your home network and in one simple interface, will allow you to see what media’s available to play on all of them. You can then pick a photo, a movie or some music stashed on your smartphone, say, and play it on your PC.

It’s as easy as picking the source of your content and hitting play. Acer reckons this means you’ll be able to seamlessly shift content around the home without having to resort to USB sticks and external hard drives.

What’s more, there’s deep social network integration, with the chance to post videos and snaps straight to Facebook, Flickr or YouTube. All Acer gadgets are set to come with the tech from now on.

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