Acer Alive app store unveiled

Get add-ons, music, movies and books from all-new platform

UK users get first taste of Alive next month.

Acer’s Android slates and new dual-screen lappie are all worth getting hot and bothered about. But just to make them even more appealing, the PC maker has outed its new ‘Alive’ app store, which will offer add-ons for all Acer kit, as well as the chance to nab all sorts of media.

The store is broken down into five areas: ‘listen’ offers tunes, podcasts and radio, ‘watch’ brings movies and vidcasts, ‘read’ is loaded up with eBooks and newspapers, ‘play’ has games and ‘applications’ packs the very latest add-ons by category.

There’s a built-in recommendation egine which you can tweak to ensure you get the content you want, as well as real-time feeds telling you just what’s new on the store.

You can post reviews and comments too, so everyone can know just how great (or bobbins) any particular app or download really is. UK and Italian gadget fanatics will be the first to get a taste, with a global rollout planned for early 2011. All Acer smartphones, laptops and PCs will play nice with Alive.