Some Samsung bespoke apps used for "just seconds per month"

Study suggests the likes of ChatOn are less than loved

Samsung enjoys putting bespoke features into its flagship smartphones. Users seem less enthused, at least according to a Stategy Analytics survey.

Data sourced from 250 US Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 users found that owners use ChatOn, Samsung's messaging service, for just six seconds per month on average - about the amount of time it takes to write, "Let's use WhatsApp instead".

That compares to 151 minutes per month on Instagram and 11 HOURS on Facebook.

The rest of Samsung's extras didn't fair much better, with Group Play, Samsung Hub and Samsung Link all averaging well under a minute of usage per month, although S Memo and S Voice did manage a corking 3.9 minutes and 3.6 seconds respectively on S4 (although only 2.5 minutes each on S3).

According to the study, Facebook dominated people’s use of their S3s and S4s, Google also did well - 150 minutes per month across Play, Search and YouTube - oh, and the Pope is Catholic.

Samsung has been criticised in the past for the huge amount of what it would call "unique experiences" and what the unkind might call "bloatware" it pre-installs on phones. Last year, the company came under fire after it emerged that over 50 per cent of the storage on its 16GB Galaxy S4 was taken up by the OS and non-removable Samsung apps.

Admittedly, a survey of just 250 users could be described as unrepresentative, and Samsung can draw comfort from the knowledge that S3 and S4 users consume 14 per cent more video and 24 per cent more data than the industry average, even if most of that probably isn't coming from Samsung apps. Having 100 million-plus S3 and S4 users probably cheers it up a little bit, too.