9.2 million UK adults have never been online

30.1 million adults use the internet every day

The Office for National Statistics released figures yesterday to show over 9 million UK adults have never used the Internet

According to the ONS figures, over 65-year-olds, the widowed, those on low incomes and those who lack formal qualifications were more likely to have never used the Internet. The figures showed that the rate of Internet use decreased with decrease in income. 45 per cent of adults without formal degrees had used the Internet as opposed of 97 per cent of qualified adults who have. 32 per cent of widowed adults have used the Internet.

In addition, while 30.1 million UK adults access the Internet every day or almost every day, just over 38 million UK adults are Internet users. 31 per cent of these Internet users connected through a mobile phone.

Mark Williams from the Office for National Statistics said, "Since 2006 we have seen a significant increase in the number of people using the Internet, with the number of adults accessing the Internet every day almost doubling to just over 30 million, though the UK is some way off from being completely online. The use of wi-fi hotspots continued to rise with 2.7 million people (7 per cent of Internet users) used wireless hotspots at locations such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels.”

By way of regions, London has the highest level of household connections at 83 per cent, with the North East having the lowest at 59 per cent.

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Other findings showed that in the last 12 months, 31 million people bought or ordered goods or services online. In addition, 17.4 million adults used the Internet to watch television or listen to the radio, out of which many used on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer or ITV Player.

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