84-inch mega-TVs shown off at CES

Ultra big, ultra HD TVs are making a big splash in Las Vegas

Ultra big, ultra HD TVs are making a big splash in Las Vegas

As varied as the consumer electronics industry is, CES often has a distinct theme to draw out. And it’s not just journalists trying to pull a thread of narrative out for their stories, when the big tech firms sense a trend in the wind they often swing in unison.

Recent CESs have been crowned the year of the tablet, year of 3D and year of the ultrabook. This year, it looks like ultra-big, ultra-HD TVs will be the buzz of Las Vegas.

LG 84LM9600

This 84-inch Ultra HD 4K Resolution monster is LG’s answer to the call of the mega-TVs. 4K is supposed to provide about four times the pixel resolution of the HD standard.

LG continues to push the 3D line with this goggle-box, offering six flicker free, cinema style glasses with it. You can play with the depth of the 3D if you like. It also has LG’s dual vision type technology, whereby a pair of you can pop on specs and it will display a different picture to each person – which will mainly be of use for multiplayer gaming.

It certainly looks impressive enough, but a disclaimer on LG’s site says it all about the current consumer viability of such boxes:

“No ‘ultra high definition’ or ‘4K’ video content is currently available. No broadcast or other standard currently exists for “4K” or “ultra high definition” television and the 84LM9800 may not be compatible with such standards if and when developed.”

Toshiba L9300

Toshiba also showed off its mega-TVs at various private briefings. The Ultra HD 4K TVs L9300 series is led by the flagship 84-inch model, and there are also 58 and 65-inch models in the works.

It can take standard 1080p content and then upgrade it to 4K resolution, according to Mashable.

They are also tied into Toshiba's new Cloud TV platform, which has various smart-TV functions like Skype calling, messaging, and news streams.

They are expected around summer time, but there’s no word yet on price. You can expect it to be pretty astronomical though.

We’re expecting more announcements at the big press keynotes tonight, so we’ll keep you updated as it breaks.