60,000 fooled by Facebook ePrivacy app scam

Users promised info on who views their profile

Facebook dummies duped once again.

There's a pretty good reason why Facebook doesn't willingly tell users exactly which of their friends spends the most time on their profile page, but really, who wouldn't like to know?

That'll be the excuse of the 60,000 naive Facebook users who downloaded an app called ePrivacy which promised them access to the which of their old school friends visited their page enough times to start getting worried about.

The ePrivacy app does nothing of the sort, in fact all it does is steal your private data while posting on your profile telling friends “OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works!” making the app a very viral virus.

You already know the type of folks who have installed this app. Those who copy and paste statuses, who bombared your page with social questionnaires, beg you to fertisile their crops, type in text speak and have never once clicked on the "privacy settings" tab.

Maybe there's some sort of Darwinism going on here? A sort of Facebook survival of the fittest? Weeding them out might not be such a bad idea for the future of the human race.

Link: Facebook (via TechCrunch)