50% of wi-fi networks can be hacked in under 5 seconds

Plus: a quarter of the networks without password protection

The "ethical hacking" experiment shows the vulnerability of UK home wi-fi networks

According to a study conducted across the UK, almost half of home wi-fi networks could be hacked within a matter of seconds.

Insurance company CPP set loose their "ethical hacking experiment" on the UK public in six major cities. Out of 40,000 home networks in those cities, almost 20,000 had no password or basic security encryption. In addition, almost a quarter (9,249) of the private networks had no password, although 82% Britons believe their network is secure.

The ethical hackers spent half an hour using laptops and freely available software to access as many unsecured wireless connections they could. Upon finding those networks which had password protection, they hacked it within seconds. Wherever the ethical hackers found a password protected Wi-Fi network, most of them were bypassed within seconds.

The Telegraph was told by CPP identity fraud expert Michael Lynch that: ''This report is a real eye-opener in highlighting how many of us have a cavalier attitude to wi-fi use, despite the very real dangers posed by unauthorised use."

He also urged wi-fi users that information inputted while on a public network can be visible to hackers.

The experiment showed it's not too hard to hack into people's internet lives, especially if people aren't careful enough. Time to introduce password protection to your home network, we say.

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Via: The Telegraph