4G network could still cause problems

Ofcom raises concerns over future switchover

With 4G now set to arrive in the UK around 2013 Ofcom has started to raise concerns over the increase in data usage.

Ofcom has warned that the new 4G network will have to be treated in a completely different way to the current 3G network by operators.

After carrying out a survey the regulatory body found that huge numbers of Britons were spending far more on their phone bills than they had expected. While it's now becoming standard practise for phone contracts to include unlimited internet usage (which equates to around 500MB/1GB) Ofcom is concerned this will not be nearly enough.

The new network will offer speeds nearly 230% faster than 3G, which equates to a video being downloaded in just a third of the time it would take at present. With those speeds on offer it's understandable that usage will no doubt increase, and without proper regulation, so will the data plans.

Ofcom getting on the case can be nothing but good news for us consumers. With tablets now offering 3G capability and phones being able to act as mobile 'hotspots' the last thing we want at T3 towers is to get our hands on a shiny 4G phone only to be smacked with a hefty data bill.

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