3DTV: 4 million units sold by end of 2010

Plus: Avatar 3D gets Sky premier on Christmas Eve

Worldwide sales gather pace

It seems 3DTV is finally taking off. Futuresource Consulting has predicted that more than 4 million 3DTVs will be sold worldwide by the end of the year, and that figure looks set to double next year. Here in the UK, sales have passed the 120,000 mark and could top half a million sets sold by the end of 2011.

Futuresource goes on to say that take-up on 3DTVs has been more promising than previously hyped technologies, ‘year-one adoption of 3DTV is running at a far quicker rate than it did for high-definition’.

One of the major reasons for this is, unsurprisingly, cost, with manufacturers able to produce chip sets at a reasonable cost to keep 3D affordable. However, with Toshiba announcing it would be investing in glasses-free 3DTV there were fears that consumers would wait, but Futuresource reckons the technology is up to seven years away from ‘mass-market pricing’.

The jury is still out for the majority of consumers, after Deloitte released a study that showed 83 per cent do not believe in 3D technology. Although with massive investment from the likes of Samsung, Panasonic and Sony, 3DTV is set to be increasingly a part of our daily entertainment.

Elsewhere in 3D world, Sky has just announced that the world’s highest grossing film, Avatar will be screened on Christmas Eve at 8pm on the dedicated Sky 3D channel. Can’t wait a few hours to open the huge rectangular pressie under your tree? It’s time to kick back, relax and watch James Cameron’s sci-fi epic.