3D TV to see faster adoption rate than HD claim Sony

Sony: "benefits of 3D are a lot more tangible"

Sony predict 3D to take off in 2011

Adoption rates for 3D TV will eclipse the prolonged transitional switch from standard to high-definition units, a Sony head has claimed.

Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), announced his view on the early rise in extra dimensional technologies in the home during an interview with MCV. Looking ahead to 2011, House stated it would be the year 3D tech came “into fruition” adding: "3D is going to be driven by building an ecosystem that's based around content, TV penetration, and so on," he said.

"Rather than saying when the tipping point will be, I do think it will be a faster adoption than the shift from standard to high definition," announced the SCEE leader.

Despite describing Sony as “pioneers” and “evangelists” or the 3D home entertainment movement, House admits that the market is still heavily reliant on the availability of strong content. He said: "In the UK you are seeing a strong push by broadcasters like Sky, who see enormous potential in 3D. Their track record in driving HD penetration was key."

House went on to state: "I think the benefits of 3D are a lot more tangible in an interactive experience. It is also the one 3D experience that is, to a great degree, not replicable outside of the home.”

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Via: CVG