3D TV home: Success inevitable claims film experts

"3D TV will take off in the home, 100 per cent"

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3D film experts predict 3D TV success despite glasses concerns

Speaking exclusively to T3 on set of a 3D film shoot, a number of 3D industry experts have shared their views, with mixed opinions, on the future of the biggest breakthrough in home entertainment since colour TV.

Chris Parks, Head Sterographer on the 3D shoot funded by TV manufacturer Philips, sharing his 16 years of experience in the production of 3D films said of the technology’s push into household acceptance: “I am sure that 3D TV will take off in the home, 100 per cent. Will it take off in its current form, I don’t know.”

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Parks continued to add his uncertainty of 3D TV in the home from the set of the Parallel Lines 3D sequel shoot by stating: “Will it be used for everything, I don’t think so. An all-around form of viewing or a viewing that requires a different use of the medium isn’t going to be useful for everything. There are TV programmes where there is really no benefit to seeing it in 3D over 2D so I find it difficult to see a time where there is no 2D.”

Accepting that 3D is both an exciting prospect and the future of home entertainment, the shoot’s Executive Producer, Luke Beauchamp suggested: “I think what will happen is that when people change their TVs, just like when people started buying HDTVs that are HD ready, I think the next generation of TVs will be 3D ready. Whether people chose to use that option or not is down to the audience.”

He added: “I think until the non-glasses 3D TVs are available it will remain specific event based rather than generally accepted.” These concerns surrounding the 3D specs that are a deterrent to many potential 3D consumers was reinforced by Parks who said: “Will the added benefit you get outweigh that you have to put on glasses or that you are limited in where you can sit? I think the jury is still out.”

Heavily publicised and criticised, the glasses currently necessary for viewing 3D in the home is a potential issues not currently being pursued by Philips. The company’s Senior Marketing Manager, Frank Pynenburg stated: “We used to be working on glasses-less 3D TV, but now we are joining the Blu-ray disk association standard and fully endorse the industry wide requirements.”

Despite this lack of development into the glasses-less format, Pynenburg said: “I think 3D is here to stay” and that Philips, the only company to currently offer 21:9 cinema-style super widescreen 3D TVs “believe in the future of 3D.”

The Philips production of the 3D Parallel Lines sequel will debut on September 2nd with potential 3D consumers able to view it for themselves in a number of retailers shortly after. Are you a convert to 3D or put off by those necessary glasses? Let us know your views on the future of extra dimensional 3D TV in the home via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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