3D TV faces just 2 per cent uptake from British public

UK unlikely to adopt 3D TV within the coming 12 months

3D TV facing slow uptake in UK

Despite the influx of available 3D TV sets in UK stores, just two per cent of British consumers are planning on splashing out on an extra dimension-enabled TV within the coming 12 months, new research by Deloitte has revealed.

With many of tech’s biggest brands expected to bring a fleet of new 3D TVs to IFA next week, the news that just 89 of the 4,199 members of the British public questioned are intending to buy a 3D TV will cast a shadow over the new home entertainment systems.

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Whilst 3D TV is still very much in its infancy and heavily reliant on the available 3D content to take off, figures from the new poll reflect a lower level of uptake than initially expected.

Those consumers slotting into the 25 to 34 age bracket are the most likely to take on the expenditure of the new TV technology with five per cent giving 3D in the home the thumbs up whilst shoppers over 45 are least likely to be donning the 3D specs in the near future with just one per cent considering 3D uptake.

Although it is not yet known exactly how many 3D TV units have been sold within the UK, highstreet retailer John Lewis claimed last month that of all of the 40-inch plus TVs now sold in its stores 15 per cent are of the 3D breed.

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