31 per cent of people would rather split up than break their iPhone

Romance is in the air, but this time it's with our tech

Your iPhone is about to be ripped to shreds by the dog but you're also running hugely late for your 5 year anniversary dinner, what do you do? 31 per cent know what they'd do...

31 per cent of people would rather break up with their other half than have their favourite gadget broken. The recent survey found that while the majority chose their partners, an impressive number would actually choose their favourite piece of tech.

Asking over 9000 people, gadget insurance company SquareTrade found that just under 3000 would choose their iPhone, iPad or other beloved piece of tech over their partners.

Luckily for all those concerned SquareTrade also carried out a reliability test in 2010 and found that iPhones and smartphones from HTC and Motorola were some of the most reliable smartphones available so hopefully it won't come to choosing.

Interestingly what the survey doesn't tell you is whether these beloved gadgets are the latest smartphones or your prized record player.

Source: SquareTrade