20th Century Fox to launch movies on Android

Android battle Apple and Windows for streaming movies

Fox Blu-Rays to come with free digital copy for Android.

Android Army veterans green with envy over Apple and Windows' videos-on-demand services have only a couple of months to wait before they receive something similar, according to 20th Century Fox.

From this October, customers in the US, UK, France and Germany who purchase Blu-Ray copies of films by 20th Century Fox will be able to download a free copy for their Android tablet or smartphone.

"Given its strong growth as a mobile operating system, the support for Android is an important move for us because it further enhances Blu-ray discs as the best way to get your movies to all your screens,” said senior vice-president for marketing at 20th Century Fox International Home Entertainment, Vincent Marcais.

The scheme comes into effect sometime this October, with the first Blu-Ray release to offer the free digital copy confirmed as this Summer's X-Men: First Class.

Via: The Financial Times