20% of UK population received phishing calls, says Microsoft

People giving away personal information to scammers

If someone calls and asks for your PC's password, say no!

According to Microsoft, 20% of UK's population have had an IT-related phishing call.

The survey by Microsoft shows that many have received a call from a fake IT security firm in order to get money or personal details.

According to a Dynamic Markets poll, 15% out of 7,000 people across UK, US, Canada and Eire, have received a phishing call. Out of this, 20% of the phishing calls are in the UK.

Out of the 15% from the overall survey, 22% have given away personal details or paid cash to the scammers.

"Security software is constantly being improved and so cybercriminals are resorting to deception tactics to trick people into revealing important details or gaining access to their computers," said Stuart Aston, Chief Security Adviser, Microsoft UK.

"Many scammers even claim to be from legitimate companies or their partners. We would like to remind users of Microsoft software that the company does not keep track of consumers that purchase their software and does not directly contact consumers for any reason whatsoever," he added.

Aston also asked people not to trust callers claiming to be from Microsoft and asking for access to the home PC.

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Via: TechRadar