15-inch ultra thin MacBook Pro incoming?

New inside info suggests Apple working on super-slim new machine

Apple looks to extend MacBook Air form factor to more powerful, top-end machines.

The super-slim MacBook Air’s influence appears to be spreading at Apple. MacRumors says it has inside info that the Cupertino company is working on a new 15-inch super-slim MacBook.

What’s more, the site says that the new device is in “late stage testing”, suggesting Apple hasn’t finished revamping its Mac range, with this new thin MacBook possibly out this side of Christmas.

Even more exciting is the fact that TUAW is reporting the same news, with additional gossip claiming that the 15-inch slimline MacBook will be a MacBook Pro rather than a MacBook Air. That suggests Apple could be looking to ditch spinning hard drives and optical drives in its top-end laptops. TUAW also suggests Apple has a 17-inch model in the offing.

If these machines are available before the holiday season, it’ll make 2011 one hell of a year for Apple. Would you buy a super-slim MacBook pro without an optical drive? Tell us now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.