1 in 3 people use an app before they get out of bed

Research shows the true app addiction

Do you grab for your smartphone before anything else?

A report claims that 35% of Americans start-up an application on their Android or iPhone device before they even before they are out of the covers in the mornings.

Data collected by telecommunications equipment company Ericsson revealed that the most used app in the morning is one to check emails followed closely by social networking apps.

Data shows that 22% use a social networking app in the morning whilst still in bed; with Facebook unsurprisingly proven the most used app with 18% admitting that they log on first thing.

Apps with a social aspect are used throughout the day, peaking at lunchtime and early evening with nearly a quarter of users checking on Facebook or an app similar to the social networking site.

The research suggested that smartphone non-voice usage was at its highest early and late in the evening, averaging 64.5% whilst 1/5 would use an app whilst eating dinner.

The findings suggest a different way that smartphone’s are used with more emphasis put on applications as opposed to voice utilisations with the ease of internet access enabling users to utilise the cloud-based services readily available.

An idea deepened by the research conducted by Ericsson, which saw 13% of Americans contemplating purchasing a Tablet as their next electronic item for the vast array of apps open to them.

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Link: Ericsson