£5 million iPhone 4 revealed

Customised Apple blower comes replete with gold-plate posterior.

Chances are if you've got an iPhone 4 you're pretty chuffed with having one of the world's classiest, if mildly flawed, mobiles. But a bog-standard version of Apple's T3 award-winning handset was clearly not enough for one anonymous Aussie businessman.

He commissioned renowned phone customiser Stuart Hughes to encrust two new iPhones in 500 individual diamonds, with interchangeable diamonds made to sit on the phones' home buttons. There's a pink diamond for one home button and an 8 carat single diamond for the other.

To complete the gaudy package, Hughes gold-plated the back of each phone, before sticking them in a specially designed pink granite box, lined with leather. The pair cost an eye-watering £5 million.

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Via Smallworld