'Android still too fragmented,' claims app developer

Google OS too split to be profitable for devs

Sports Interactive holds fire on tablet competition as bestseller comes to iPad

The Android operating system is too fragmented to be financially viable, Football Manager boss Miles Jacobson has told T3.

“Android looks a great operating system but there’s still too much fragmentation in the market and there’s not one direct route to sale, which is what makes the App Store so attractive,” said the Sports Interactive director as his bestselling football management game hits the iPad for the first time.

“There won’t be anything on Android for Football Manager 2011 and there might not be anything for Football Manager 2012,” he continued. “We’re taking a long-term view, and we’re taking the same view for Win7, meGo and other operating systems.”

Jacobson was also critical of the Amazon Android AppStore, which has been lambasted by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) for its aggressive terms and conditions on distribution, profit-sharing and price control.

“I agree with the IGDA’s stance, I’m not sure about the Amazon Android store at all. We have licensing fees which we have to pay per unit, so having someone able to sell it for less than we have to pay for our licenses makes it a little bit troublesome.”

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