Xperia Play game alternatives for the iPhone

App Store reasons to wave away the Xperia Play

iPhone games to give the PSP phone a run for its money

It's been rumoured for years, debated by gaming fans across the web, and been the subject of many a mock up picture. The PSP phone or the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to give it its official title has finally launched bringing with it a bevvy of tidy new features.

Apple smartphone owners may well be casting an envious eye at the prospect of PSP gaming on a phone, but to remind us of the iPhone's mobile gaming prowess, we've pulled together a list of five of the most impressive iPhone games around.

See below for our list the best Xperia Play game alternatives for the iPhone


id software brought their A-game when they created Rage for the iPhone. The renowned PC developer knows a thing or two about making games and with the man behind Doom at the wheel, this was always going to be a pretty spectacular app. It certainly didn't disappoint - with graphics that will see new 3DS owners crying onto their 3D screens and an HD version for iPhone 4, this gory shooter on rails is worth a look.

Price: £0.59

Platform: iPhone, iPad

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Terminator Salvation

Straight off the back of one of the largest franchises of all time this game pits you against the machines playing as the legendary John Connor and Marcus Wright. With a fantastic story mode and a variety of gameplay styles that will have you manning turrets, taking on T-600s, hacking systems and driving motorcycles this game won't get boring quickly.

Price: £2.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad

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Call of Duty: Zombies

With the release of COD: World at War in 2008, everyone's favourite first person shooter series introduced us to everyone's favourite minigame, Nazi Zombies. Now its found its way onto our iPhones and we couldn't be happier. Endless replay appeal, regular map updates and the joys of shooting zombies in the face from close range make this game a winner every time.

Price: £2.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad

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Real Racing 2

The graphics on the first Real Racing made it one of the best looking titles around, but a bit of extra work on the sequel coupled with the iPhone 4's retina display produce awe-inspiringly crisp visuals and superb attention to detail. With a career mode, online multiplayer and local networked gaming there's hours of play time in this app. Be sure to check out Ridge Racer on the 3DS and you might start to feel just a little bit smug about what your iPhone can do.

Price: £2.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad

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Chaos Rings

Once Nintendo's undisputed domain, the RPG has come to the iPhone and it feels more at home than ever. Another game with incredible pedigree, Chaos Rings comes from the makers of Final Fantasy and it certainly shows. A strong storyline, impressive graphics and a fantastic soundtrack make this a standout in the RPG genre, besting its own forefathers in the Final Fantasy series.

Price: £2.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad

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