Windows Phone 7 Mango update: Features revealed

10 Things you need to know about the mobile OS update

Find out how your Windows Phone 7 life is set to get better

It’s been seven months since Windows Phone 7 officially entered the consciousness, and this week Microsoft revealed the latest OS update, dubbed 'Mango' which should make your smartphone experience an even more pleasurable one when it launches in the autumn.

Microsoft claims there's 500 features to enjoy from Mango, and while we imagine they are all brilliant in their own special way, we've picked out the ten most notable ones that you really need to know about.

Read below for our round-up of the best features from the Windows Phone 7 Mango update, then check out our hands-on video to see how it all looks up close.

1/ Multitasking

This has possibly been one of the biggest gripes for current Windows Phone 7 users, and now Microsoft has decided to rectify the issue allowing you to switch between apps preserving some of your battery life in the process. It should come in handy for third party music applications like Spotify, so you'll be able to listen to your tunes and rummage through your emails at the same time.

2/Unified threads

Ideal for social networking fiends, Mango will let you view text conversations, Facebook chats and Windows Live Messenger all in one thread.

3/ Unified inbox

Saving you the job of jumping from one account to the other, users will now be able to view multiple email accounts all in one inbox. Additionally, conversations should be organized in a way that will help keep track of the latest emails to arrive in your various inboxes.

4/ Deeper social network integration

Taking your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In antics to a whole new level, feeds will be integrated into contact cards letting you quickly view what your friends are up to. The integration will also see the addition of Facebook check-ins and face detection to make photo tagging and uploading your snaps a swifter process.

5/ Improved browser

From a web surfing perspective, users can look forward to a browser based around Internet Explorer 9, that also brings support for HTML5.

6/ Deeper app intergration

Microsoft intends to have users think differently about apps, by drawing applications closer withing other aspects of your phone interaction. That means apps will begin to appear where it is most appropriate wihin search results and Windows Phone Hubs.

7/ Bing improvements

Microsoft's revamped search engine will boast Bing Vision which lets you search through your phone's camera and additionally, lets you search via Music Search and Voice. Utilizing the phone's GPS, you'll also be able to search for things you want to do.

8/ Calendar sync

This feature has already been knocking about on other mobile OS platforms, but now Windows Phone 7 users will be able to sync Facebook event invites into their phone based calendar where you'll also be able to decide whether you plan to make an appearance.

9/ Improved Live Tiles

One of the key elements of Windows Phone 7's appeal, the tiled interface will now display real-time information from your apps without having to boot them up. You should also be able to cram more information onto than you can on the current version of the OS.

10/ Text without typing

If you're even too lazy to press your digits over the touchscreen or you want to engage in some hands-free chat, Mango brings voice-to-text and text-to-voice support which should now make those tasks possible.

Windows Phone 7 Mango video

Source: T3 Tech Videos