Weirdest gadgets of CES 2011

Strangest sights from the Vegas tech showcase

Bizarre tech that caught our attention for very different reasons

For every jaw-dropping 3D telly, revolutionary tablet PC and even smarter smartphone, there’s a piece of tech that often makes our scratch our head in a different kind of amazement. CES has always been a breeding ground for some truly peculiar gadgets and this year has been no different.

Sizing up the most peculiar pieces of tech to show up in Vegas, click the gallery to see the strangest tech offerings at this year’s CES.

Sphero remote controlled ball

Last year it was the AR Drone, and this year's smartphone navigating toy everyone is going to want is this rolling ball that can be controlled by the iPhone and Android devices. Connecting to the Sphero through Bluetooth, a remote control app gives you control via your smartphone's virtual joystick or accelerometer.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: Late 2011

UK price: TBA | US price: Around $100

Manufacturer: Orbotix

I am T-Pain microphone

Following his recently launched iPhone app, the US rapper is not ending his relationship with tech just yet by unleashing the I am T-Pain microphone that let's anyone master his autotune sound. As well as giving your vocals the "T-Pain effect" and blending some of the rapper's familiar phrases, you can record your efforts with the inbuilt storage and then upload to a PC, which we imagine your next move would be to upload it to your favourite social networking site.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: June/July

UK price: TBA | US price: $39.99

Manufacturer: Smule


Need to make the perfect steak? There's an iPhone accessory for that. The wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer that can also connect to your iPad and iPod Touch, keeps track of the temperature of your succulent meaty treat, and alerts you when its ready for eating from 200 feet away. The accompanying iOS app (free) gives you access to recipes and can measure ambient temperature. Additional sensor probes can are available when cooking separate pieces of meat.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: Available now, black version end of January 2011

UK price: TBA | US price: $100, second probe $20

Manufacturer: iDevices

iPhone TV hat

For those looking for the most ridiculous solution to have some privacy when watching videos on their Apple smartphone on the train say hello to the TV hat. Positioning your iPhone at the front of the extended visor, a magnifying screen that sits behind your device delivers the image while keeping any unwanted eyes away from your commuting sessions of Glee. It's available in a variety of colours and should fit most MP3 players according to the website.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: Available now

UK price: TBA | US price: $29.95

Manufacturer: BuyThatNow

Liquid Image Impact Series HD video camera MX goggles

Helping to capture your fakie 720s, Liquid Image's latest pair of goggles host a camcorder capable of shooting 1080p quality video at a rate of 30 frames per second. With glove-friendly controls on the rim, there's also a High Action mode which lets you shoot 720p video at 60 frames per second, and on the storage front there's room for a 32GB Micro SD card. You can expect to get around 2 hours of extreme footage in one filming session.

UK release date: TBA

UK price: TBA | US price: $400

Manufacturer: Liquid Image

Magic Cube laser keyboard

Following in the footsteps of Blue Optics and the Light Touch, the Magic Cube projects a full-sized laser keyboard onto surfaces for a quite different typing experience. With support for Android 2.2, iOS and Windows devices, there's no drivers to install, so you will be able to connect to the Cube just like a Bluetooth headset. It can also be used as a mouse and supports multitouch.

UK release date: TBA |US release date: March 2011

UK price: TBA | US price: Around $169

Manufacturer: Cellulon

Misa Digital Kitara

First there was Guitar Hero, then there was the YouRock guitar, and now budding guitarists can get their hands on a digital axe that features multitouch virtual strings. Offering a genuine alternative to the traditional instrument, there's also MIDI controls and an on-board polyphonic synthesizer which can be controlled from the 8-inch screen. Running on Linux OS, there is support for Mac, PC and Linux computers and can be updated via USB.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: April 3rd

UK price: TBA | US price: Starting at $849, $2,899.00 for limited edition aluminum version

Manufacturer: Misa Digital

nPower PEG personal energy generator

For those always leaving the house with an uncharged gadget, the PEG could be the greener way to power up your tech when they are running out of juice. Harvesting "oscillatory motion" from kinetic activities such as a walk to work, a jog home or a bike ride, will top up the internal battery inside the 9-inch tall device which must be placed vertically in you bag. The PEG can provide battery life for personal electronic devices like your iPhone or iPod.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: Available now

UK price: TBA | US price: $159

Manufacturer: nPower

Nyko Power Shot Pro rifle

Inevitably with the introduction of the PlayStation Move last year, the wave of Wii-like add-ons would follow. Heading the Move accessories queue is Nyko, with its Power Shot Pro the pick of the motion-controlling compatible bunch. Referred to as "an ergonomic tactical rifle attachment", it locks in your Move and Navigation controllers to help increase accuracy and smooth firing on your favourite PS3 shooter.

UK price: TBA | US price: TBA

UK release date: TBA | US release date: March 2011

Manufacturer: Nyko

Parrot DIA photo frame

It's a digital photo frame, but with a difference. Developed in collaboration with the nodesign agency, the 10x4-inch high resolution screen which is separate from the backlight creates a transparent "light box" effect for your snaps. Running on Google's Android OS, it also comes preinstalled with a selection of apps which include FrameChannel, an app that gives you access to news, weather forecasts and Facebook. Tactile buttons and a trackball lets you navigate menus, while there's SD card slots and a USB port to ramp up storage. You can also transfer photos via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Polaroid GL20 Camera glasses

A year after the camera clan wheeled out Lady Gaga as its Creative Director at CES 2010, Polaroid returned with the diminutive diva in tow and brought along some stunning new products, dubbed the Grey Label Line. the coolest thing in the range is the pair of GL20 Camera Glasses, donned by Gaga herself. They rock a Polaroid snapper as well as two LCDs that cover your peepers.

UK release date: TBA

UK price: TBA

Manufacturer: Polaroid

Recom video name tags

We may not have large screen OLED TVs to salivate over in our living rooms just yet, but the technology could be about to make waves on a much smaller scale. California based company Recom Group unveiled its tiny OLED screen name tags that can be fastened onto clothing and feature a 2.8-inch (340×280) OLED screen that displays video. It also comes with 2GB of internal storage, a USB port, and running on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you 23 hours of usage in one charge.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: March 2011

UK price: TBA | US price: Around $198

Manufacturer: Recom Corp

Recon-Zeal GPS Android goggles

We've got Android smartphones, and then came the tablets, and now next up to get the Google OS treatment is the world's first alpine goggles with GPS data viewable through a head mounted display. While running on Android means devs can begin creating apps, users can navigate through an interactive LCD display with a wireless remote to get real-time feedback on speed, altitude, temperature and time, total distance travelled and a lot more. The new "snap-fit" feature also means it will work with Uvex, Alpinea and Briko products.

UK release date: TBA

UK price: TBA

Manufacturer: Recon

Withings Wi-Fi scale

TV seems to be one of the reasons we find ourselves with a few extra pounds around the waistline, but that has not put off Withings making its latest Wi-Fi scale compatible with Panasonic VIERA Connect HDTVs. Giving you access to the Withings Health board you can show off how well you are doing with your new regime. The scale itself can track body weight, lean and fat mass, and BMI for up to eight people.

UK release date: TBA | US release date: Available now

UK price: TBA | US price: $159

Manufacturer: Withings

Sonomax Sculpted Earphones

Good news for runners, musicians and commuters everywhere looking for that perfect pair of buds, Sonomax has unveiled its custom fitting system that should hopefully stop your 'phones ever dropping out of your ears. Using a silicone injection system, the recycled headband inflates buds with the medical grade silicone which doesn't come in contact with your ears. In four minutes time, you'll have super sounding earphones that fit snug inside your lobes.

UK release date: TBA

UK price: | TBA | US price: $199.99 (single-driver earphones), $299.99 (dual driver premium earphones)

Manufacturer: Sonomax

Uno 3 Transformer

This little speedster transforms from a unicycle and then back into a sporty scooter. The Uno has come a long way since it was designed by a Canadian high-school student, with funding via an appearance on American Dragon's Den. Sporting a third un-motorised wheel that stretches out in front of you at high-speeds, its manufacturers BPG Motors assure potential customers that the vehicle remains stable during this process.

UK release date: TBA

UK price: £4,000

Manufacturer: BPG Motors

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

If you are wondering whether that work promotion has really set stress levels through the roof, Withings can let you know if it is time to slow things down with the blood pressure monitor that hooks up to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Simply download the free Withings app to use alongside the device to record data which can be accessed and shared online, or even sent to your physician.

UK release date: January 5th 2011

UK price: 129 Euros | US price: TBA

Manufacturer: Withings

Withings Smart Baby monitor

Keeping an eye on your little one from your smartphone may just be the strangest yet innovative smart baby monitor device yet. Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, TVs and more, the video baby phone uses a high resolution 3-megapixel camera to let you know when your baby is about to wake up. Other key features include infrared LEDs for night vision, humidity and temperature sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to stream music through the monitor.

UK release date: March 2011

UK price: TBA

Manufacturer: Withings