Weird gadgets: Strangest tech insurance claims

20 of the most bizarre claim stories outed

You are never going to believe this, but...

A smartphone left in the back of the taxi, a pick-pocketer nabbing your Ninty console, it sounds like the end of the world at the time, but if you've coughed up the extra cash for cover, it can help soften the blow.

For every routine claims call made, there's another hundred that sounds simply too absurd to be true. We've managed to get our hands on some of the ridiculous but genuine claims made to cast your judgement over, or simply laugh at.

Strangest games console insurance claims

"I used my Wii Fit balance board as a skateboard ramp and now it only works intermittently." We are not quite sure that's what Nintendo meant by motion gaming...

"My teenage son was losing a game and he picked up the console and threw it at the wall in anger." Sounds like a classic case of console rage.

"My console mysteriously disappeared from the front room." This all apparently unfolded while the customer was still in the room.

Two things you shouldn't let near your console, kids and liquids. Unfortunately for one customer, the two combined in damaging circumstances: "My child poured milkshake in the disc tray and now it won't switch on."

A classic usually kept for occasions when you haven't done you maths homework, one customer claimed, "My dog ate my Nintendo Wii."

Strangest iPhone insurance claims

"My dog chewed it to pieces." So, the lesson learned is never leave your pup in the same room as your Apple smartphone.

There is every possibility that it could happen on a brisk, windy day but one customer claimed that their iPhone "flew out of the car window."

"I accidentally buried it in the garden." If you're planning to do some work out in the sunshine, you may want to consider leaving your handset indoors.

We've yet to witness an iPhone-related disaster on Come Dine With Me but one customer claimed that they had "dropped it in a food blender."

One for the beach bums out there to be wary of: "I lost it while building a sand castle for the kids."

The iPhone is master of many things but this is clearly not one of them: "It broke when my son used it as a table tennis racket."

Clearly letting adrenalin take precedent over the security of their Apple blower, a customer claimed that they lost their iPhone "while sky diving, naked."

"Juice from a defrosting piece of meat leaked into it." Food prep plus smartphone, clearly has its dangers.

"I dropped it from a hot air balloon." Well, it can get quite windy up there...

T3's award for most ridiculous way to damage you iPhone goes to: "It fell into the kettle."

Strangest tech insurance claims

"I was dressed as a Roman gladiator on a stag do and tried to call my ex-girlfriend. My friend snatched my phone, threw it in the river and said 'Aquaman wants to borrow it for the weekend'."

Why they would be snapping at the work place, we are not too sure, but another customer claimed: "I dropped my digital camera in an acid vat whilst working at a factory."

"A monkey snatched my digital camera and ran off whilst I was visiting a safari park." We'd love to know the safari park in question so we can stay well away from it.

"I took a girl back to my flat after a night out and woke up to find the girl, laptop, phone, wallet and camera missing." Sounds like the worst first date ever.

Most of us can't bear the thought of exercise without our Apple PMPs and one unlucky customer claimed "I lost my iPod while doing burpees on Clapham Common."

Stephen Ebbett is Director for specialist gadget insurer who are just one of the companies specializing in offering cover for your beloved tech:

"Amid the more typical claims we receive for theft, liquid damage and loss, we do get a few gems. We always ask for as much detail as possible so we can process the claim properly, which means we are privy to some rather intriguing stories.

"There are several reasons why gadget owners should think about specialist insurance, not least because paying for an add-on to your home insurance can bring your premium up if you have to make a claim. Specialist gadget insurance premiums are not affected if you claim.

"Smartphones can cost more than £600 to replace which is a huge problem if you're tied into an 18 or 24-month contract and you lose your handset within the first few months. If you do make a claim, be prepared to show proof of purchase and to be asked for all the details of the incident which led to you making the claim."