Weird gadgets 2011: Strangest tech designs

Say hello to our freaks of gadget nature

Five enigmatic slices of tech. Can you tell what is it yet?

Sandisk Imagemate

Monolithic in design and proudly angled like an Easter Island statue, SanDisk’s doomsday device doubles as a memory card reader for your PC or Mac. It has a top write speed of 34Mbps, supports cards of every creed and size from MultiMediaCardmobile to xD-Picture Card Type H, and can be detached from its magnetic stand.

Price: £23,

Elektra Microcasa a Leva

Yes, it is a little over the top isn’t it? This regal contraption looks like something a gay fascist dictator might have in his beautifully appointed yet sinister kitchen. The 110-volt, chrome-clad lever espresso machine comes from Italian caffe royalty Elektra and sports a 49mm portafilter, powerful heating element and spring-loaded lever for easy, consistent pressure.

Price: £670,

Belkin N52TE

Belkin’s mouse, despite its appearance, is not stolen from the set of Transformers 3: All The Money’s Run Out. No, this blue-glowing monstrosity is a top-end gaming mouse that unfurls to reveal 15 customisable keys, an eight-way non-slip thumb pad and a removable joystick, all of which can be programmed to suit different gaming requirements, from MMORPG to FPS via RTS.

Price: £33,

Vertu V Bluetooth headset

Vertu’s phones are over-engineered to within an inch of their lives. So too, inevitably, is this premium, hands-free earpiece. Looking like a fighter jet’s landing gear the V weighs 17G, has a six-hour talk time and boasts digital sound enhancement so you can more clearly hear conversations relating to how enormous an amount of money you’ve made today.

Price: £510,

Alessi handheld vacuum cleaner

What appears at first glance to be a surfacing humpback whale is, in fact a handheld vacuum cleaner. Designed by Italian architect Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi this rechargeable and wall-mountable silken curve of a hand vacuum is hewn from stainless steel and thermoplastic resin. Two levels of suck-power are offered for both wet and dry surfaces.

Price: £88,