title: People who got rich and famous from Twitter Part 3 / url: People-who-got-rich-and-famous-from-Twitter-Part-3


People who got rich and famous from Twitter Part 3

Aside from a great singing voice and a pretty face, why did YouTube viewers in the millions – her total views now top 159 million – pick Esmee out of the thousands of cover artists uploading to YouTube every day? She thinks it was the personal touch.

“It’s almost like the viewers and I became friends,” she says. “I would go back and forth with them about the songs they wanted to hear next and it was a very fun relationship.

“I think people liked the fact that the videos were so poor quality and my voice still shone through. I could be your next door neighbour and I think people were into that.

“You see the numbers and it’s difficult to imagine two million people watching, so I just had fun with it.”

But even without YouTube exposure, the cream always rises to the top. Esmee would have made it anyway, wouldn’t she? “I don’t think I would have,” she says. “The internet is such a  great way for an artist to create their own fanbase and put what it is they want to do out there. With no label behind it, it’s very natural and I think that’s what people like about it.

“Eventually the people who are watching and following you are the people who have to go out and support you and buy your album. I think that it’s a great way and it gives the artist a lot more power. I didn’t have a reality show with millions of viewers watching me every week. I built that all up myself.”

And the rewards justify the hard work? “Let’s just say I’m making a lot more now than I would be as a pancake waitress,” says Esme.