SPONSORED: Track down the Xperiabots and win big with Sony!

The Xperiabots have escaped from Xperia HQ and it’s up to you help find them

Sponsored Article: Upload your Xperiabot snaps to Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win thousands of Sony Xperia smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets and other money-can’t-buy prizes.

Thousands of Xperiabots (the tiny robots that power Sony Xperia smartphones) have escaped from Xperia HQ and Sony wants eagle-eyed UK smartphone fans to help track them down.

As a reward, Sony has put up a rich bounty of prizes, including thousands of Xperia handsets, complete 4-screen packages (TV, laptop, tablet and smartphone) movie premieres, DJ sessions, gig tickets, and loads of other money-can’t-buy prizes.

You can catch daily location clues left by the ‘Leaderbot’ on the @XperiaUnleashed Twitter account before you go on the chase for the pesky runaways.

The bots will be popping up on the streets of UK cities, as well as in print and online, and you can win daily prizes by snapping their whereabouts and posting them to Twitter and the Sony Mobile UK Facebook page.

Prizes will go to the first keen-eyed bot-hunters who upload pictures of Xperiabots to Twitter (with the hashtag #XperiaUnleashed), scan QR codes, or enter the unique codes at the Sony Mobile UK Facebook page.

You’ve got one month to track them down. Follow the clues to win!

To improve your chances of snaring the runaway Xperiabots, check out the Xperia Unleashed: Join the hunt to find the Xperiabots' video.