Top 5 Travel apps

Helping you get from A to B in the easiest way possible

We can't do anything about tube strikes, cancellations or traffic jams but we can make that journey a little less hectic, with our pick of the best travel apps from across the smartphone platforms

Google Maps Navigation

A predictable, but entirely just choice. It’s free, runs on everything from Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian S60 (Nokia), to Windows Mobile, and works smoothly. With turn-by-turn Navigation in Beta in the UK as well as the US, this is one app that’s a must on any traveller’s phone.

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TripIt is an indispensable tool for the frequent traveller. Simple, free and uncomplicated, it automatically inputs your travel info into your Google or Blackberry calendar, saving time, confusion and effort. What could be easier?

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RAC Traffic

Anyone who has been on the M25 in rush hour knows that traffic jams can turn any sane man into Jack Torrence. Luckily, for those of us who’d rather keep our cool on the road, the RAC has developed an app to make your life on the move that little bit easier.

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The clue is in the name of this app – it’s fast, effective, and jolly handy for finding train times from your phone…

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There’s nothing quite like Qype to make you feel right at home. No matter where you are, Qype has a ton of reviews and information on offer and even some pictures of the places to boot.

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