Top 10 Sexiest iPhone apps

Apps to get you hot under the mobile collar

With over 100,000 applicationsnow fightingfor space onthe App Store shelves, it's fair to say we're all falling forapps in a big way.

There are appsto make you work more productively,apps to help you shed those unsightly pounds or and even apps to tellyou how toget to the pub quicker. Weshowed you all the best appsout there recently in our 100 Must-have app list but we savedthe sexiest apps of all until last.

And when we say sexy, we really mean it .That's right, you can now get your daily fix of the opposite sex within the confines of your magnificent mobile.

For those wanting to indulge in a little erotic literature. There's an admirable 20,000 titles available, even including a mobile copy of the Karma Sutra. Handy.
Link: iPhone
Price: £5.99

Swap your own time on the treadmill for a less tiresome, visual workout. Take your pick of two lovely ladies putting in a vigorous stint on your behalf. Slow motion is a particularly well executed feature.
Link: iTunes
Price: Free

Think Tamagotchi but for adults. Choose to 'interact' with one of many virtual women, who'll each duly respond to your every touch. Shaking and even blowing into your iPhone or iPod Touch produces, erm... various results.
Link: iTunes
Price: 59p

iJiggly - bikini 3
Does what it says on the tin, really; frantically shaking your iPhone will make this ample 3D pair come to life.
Link: iTunes
Price: 59p

Pin Up Weather
Helping to make everyday a scorcher, this temperature-soaring app delivers the forecast that it's going to rain again, with one of ten scantily clad ladies to keep you smiling as you ring the water from your jeans.
Link: iTunes
Price: £1.20

Puma Index
Mixing business with pleasure, models representing the Dow Jones FTSE 100 take their clothes off as the stocks start to plummet. Almost makes you hanker for a crash.
Link: iTunes
Price: Free

Sexy game
Imaginative title. Here's how to re-live those teenage 'Spin the bottle' moments. Spin the virtual wheels, and then match the action to kiss/rub/tickle/etc with a randomly chosen body part. You can customise the selections to make the game as naughty as you like, you dirty iPhone owner, you.
Link: iTunes
Price: £0.59

Sports Illustrated
20 models in their bikinis, fresh from the 2009 Swimsuit edition hidden in the back of wardrobes across America. What more can we say? Oh there's some body painting videos for your added viewing pleasure too. Aren't you lucky?
Link: iTunes
Price: £1.79

Victoria's Secrets - The 2009 Victoria's Secret Show
The world's loveliest ladies in their lovely lingerie - Find your favourite angel and get access to behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive videos of Victoria's Secret's finest female offerings. Not that they're objects, or anything.
Link: iTunes
Price: Free

What's your sex appeal
Find out how you fare with the opposite sex by answering 20 simple quiz questions. Only then will you now if you're really as handsome as your mum keeps saying.
Price: £1.19